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Place of birth: Tokmak (Russia)
Date of birth: October 1978
Martial status: married
Height: 180 cm
Weight Off-Season: 280 – 300 pounds
Competition: 258 pounds

A native of the former USSR who moved with his family to Germany in 1992, Dennis Wolf first became interested in bodybuilding as a hobby. However, his excellent genetics soon became apparent, and Dennis decided to begin competing on the international stage. He made his amateur debut at the 1999 NRW Newcomer Championships, placing 2nd in the heavyweight class, and claimed his first win the following year at the 2000 NRW International Championships, taking home the heavyweight and overall trophies.

In 2005, Dennis won the heavyweight and overall classes at the German National Championships, then turned pro with heavyweight and overall wins at the World Amateur Championships, paving the way for his IFBB professional debut at the 2006 Europa Supershow in Texas. In 2007, Dennis claimed his first professional victory at the Keystone Pro Classic, and later that year placed 5th at the prestigious Mr. Olympia.

Already one of the top bodybuilders in the world, Dennis continues to grow and mature as he works tirelessly to improve at the sport that he loves. He has his sights set firmly on the Sandow, and with his work ethic, genetics, the sky’s the limit for what this man can achieve. 

Title Pro:

- EVL”S Prague Pro 2015 – 4st place
- Arnold Classic Europe 2015 – 4st place
- Mr.Olympia 2015– 4th place

- San Marino Pro – 2nd place
- EVL”S Prague Pro 2014 – 1st place
- Arnold Classic Europe 2014 – 1st place
- Mr.Olympia 2014– 4th place
- Arnold Classic 2014 – 1st place

- Arnold Classic Europa 2013 – 3rd place
- Mr.Olympia 2013 – 3rd place

» EVL’s Prague Pro 2012 – 1st place
» Arnold Classic Europe 2012 – 2nd place
» Mr. Olympia 2012 – 6th place
» Arnold Classic 2012 – 2nd place
» Sheru Classic 2011 – 5th place
» Mr. Olympia 2011 – 5th place
» Australian Pro 2011 – 1st place
» Arnold Classic 2011 – 2nd place
» Flex Pro 2011 – 4th place
» Mr. Olympia 2010 – 5th place
» NY Pro 2010 – 3rd place
» Mr. Olympia 2009 – 16th place
» Mr. Olympia 2008 – 4th place
» Mr. Olympia 2007 – 5th place
» Keystone Pro Classic 2007 – 1st place
» New York Pro 2007 – 3rd place
» Mr. Olympia 2006 – 16th place
» Grand Prix Spain 2006 – 3rd place
» Montreal Pro Championships 2006 – 5th place
» Europa Supershow 2006 – 7th place


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