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Amix & Dennis Wolf

Media Release
March 18, 2013


(Manchester, The UK) – Large Life Limited, owner and producer of Amix™ Nutrition, is proud to announce its global sponsorship alliance with Mr. Dennis Wolf, a top professional bodybuilding contender with aspirations to win the Mr. Olympia title.


Mgr. Josef Bukvic, Large Life’s general manager, stated: “The brand has chosen Dennis to support its international growth and expansion of Amix™ Nutrition products and brand in its current and forthcoming markets. Having Dennis with Amix™ presents a joint statement to his and our fans, sports enthusiasts as well as bodybuilding community world-wide.” He also added, that: “The connection between Amix™ Nutrition and Dennis (Wolf) is a perfect match as both are very focused on being the very best in what they do. Our concentration on the latest technologies, innovations, purity and premium performance very much match with values and actions of Dennis.”

With Amix™ Nutrition products excellent reputation and well-established acceptance predominantly in Europe, the company is now growing and expanding globally. Its regional sponsorship arrangements with up-andcoming athletes have now resulted in what will become a major statement into Amix™ Nutrition visibility communicated world-wide. “Our company successfully acted as the main sponsor of the prestigious EVLS Prague 2012 competition and already there saw Dennis victorious. With such platform, strong and solid partnerships and ultimately the dedication of Dennis and all around him, we are committed to our joint success and further growth,” explained the Amix™ Nutrition’s top executive.

Dennis Wolf already knows, that the Mr. Olympia, Arnold Classic in Madrid, and EVLS Prague would present his major challenges in 2013. “I am very proud and honored to represent Amix™ and its excellent supplements now and into the future especially as a professional athlete! Having analyzed the Amix portfolio thoroughly, I am convinced Amix™ has the best products for my off-season as well as pre-contest preparation. I have no doubt that with Amix™ supplements, research and newly developed supplements, I will be the best I can be on stage of the coming Mr. Olympia this year and the following years! I am truly excited to be working with
Amix™ and its core team,” commented Dennis Wolf upon the signature of the three-year deal.

For any inquiries connected with this media release and Amix™ Nutrition in general, please contact:
Amix™ Nutrition Team, available via E-mail:


Dennis Wolf brief:

With seven (7) Mr. Olympia contest participations and multiple top professional championships top three placements and victories to his credit, Dennis Wolf is planning to attack the very TOP THREE of the 2013 Mr. Olympia. His professional record is disclosed below to complement his Amateur World Championship and Overall Winner title from 2005.

» EVL’s Prague Pro 2012 – 1st place
» Arnold Classic Europe 2012 – 2nd place
» Mr. Olympia 2012 – 6th place
» Arnold Classic 2012 – 2nd place
» Sheru Classic 2011 – 5th place
» Mr. Olympia 2011 – 5th place
» Australian Pro 2011 – 1st place
» Arnold Classic 2011 – 2nd place
» Flex Pro 2011 – 4th place
» Mr. Olympia 2010 – 5th place
» NY Pro 2010 – 3rd place
» Mr. Olympia 2009 – 16th place
» Mr. Olympia 2008 – 4th place
» Mr. Olympia 2007 – 5th place
» Keystone Pro Classic 2007 – 1st place
» New York Pro 2007 – 3rd place
» Mr. Olympia 2006 – 16th place
» Grand Prix Spain 2006 – 3rd place
» Montreal Pro Championships 2006 – 5th place
» Europa Supershow 2006 – 7th place



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