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Poppies Crisp Bread

Extruded crispbread.

Flavours: Veggie, Amaranth, Whole Grain with Herbs, Fiber plus

Net Weight: 100 g

Mr. Popper´s® Poppies Crisp Bread is extruded product with typical taste. It is made only from finest ingredients and boasts these amazing features like low fat, low saturated fat, low sugar and is perfect source of protein and fiber.

Instruction for use: You can consume it with or without spreads. It is perfect for your party, on trips or just as your snack.

Ingredients (veggie): rice, corn flour, yellow pea, dry onion, vegetable mix 1% (parship, carrot, parsley, parsley leaf, chives, lovage leaf), potato flakes, sea salt (all ingredients are from organic farm)

Ingredients (amaranth): corn, rice, amaranth 10%, yellow pea, pea protein, sea salt. (all ingredients are from organic farm)


Ingredients (whole grain with herbs): whole wheat flour (gluten), rice, whole rye flour (gluten), potato starch, whey powder (from milk), herb mix 1% (sweet basil, oregano), salt.

Ingredients (fiber plus): rye 25% (gluten), rice 22%, wheat 22% (gluten), rye flour (gluten), wheat bran (gluten), corn bran, potato starch, whey powder (milk), salt, kuler (roasted barley /gluten/).


Warning: Store in cool dry place away from sunlight. The producer is not liable for any damage caused by improper use or storage. 


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Poppies Crisp Bread

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